Behind the Scenes at Perform Group – Part One: Technology

Behind the Scenes at Perform Group – Part One: Technology

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 Totally Gaming

In the first in a series of three special articles looking behind the scenes at Perform Group, Christian Marko, product director of betting, provides an insight into how the company’s commitment to technological development is making it a major player in the betting and gaming industry. What is your role within the Perform operation and how does it affect the company’s services in relation to the betting and gaming (B&G) industry?

Christian Marko: “I am product director for content distribution betting services and as such in charge of all B2B betting services within Perform.” From a technology perspective, what differentiates Perform from its rivals in the B&G sector?

CM: “Perform has the most advanced technical and operational platform and we continue to invest in it to make it the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

“We deliver unparalleled uptime for our core services that drive the bookmakers’ core offerings. Technological stability and scalability is a must-have nowadays so we believe that the real strength comes from what we are able to offer through our technological platform.

“Perform’s content mix across video and data is unrivalled within the industry, based on the fact that Perform manages a content rights portfolio with a set of premium rights that no other supplier is able to offer – to name just a few: WTA, ATP1000 and Wimbledon on the video side, with Football DataCo and German Bundesliga on the data side.” What are your current areas of focus in terms of technology R&D? What are the future trends likely to be in the B&G sector?

CM: “One of the key initiatives is to ensure that all of our content (data, video, audio, editorial) is properly linked, therefore enabling us to create and distribute our unique portfolio of products and services via a single client integration; a true one stop shop content solution.

“A good example of one such product that is now live is the Perform Content Scoreboard, which combines our key strengths in video (Watch&Bet), real-time data (RunningBall) and historical data (Opta Core) in a single solution whereby customers can truly benefit from Perform’s market-leading content portfolio.

Some of Perform Group's betting industry solutions

“One of the key drivers of innovation will be mobile and specifically the mobile user experience. The way people want to bet is evolving and increasingly the key is about being able to offer dynamic markets where the user bets on what will happen in the next few minutes rather than simply the outcome of the match.

“This has had the benefit of making the products more interesting as well increasing turnover as bets are settled much more quickly, but it also now means that users expect these products as a minimum and the experience is becoming more similar to a casino game.

“The services that Perform is able to offer supports this changing dynamic. Our data products enable operators to offer these ‘next event’ markets and at the same time our live video service enables users to see the outcome of their bets immediately. So we are confident that we are well placed to support our partners in the future with the best possible service.” Which platforms are you investing in currently? Is it all about mobile?

CM: “The majority of our content services are B2B-focused and as such it is all about speed, stability and reliability as we are providing services that are the heartbeat for gaming operators.

“However, when it comes to content services for B2C, desktop is still very important but the future is increasingly in mobile and connected technologies, so a mobile first approach is always at the forefront of our thinking when we design new services or update existing ones.”

Perform Group's office in Feltham, UK - the company also has offices in the UK in London and Leeds, with other offices abroad in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Turkey, India, Japan, Singapore, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Nigeria What do you think will be the key to Perform remaining at the forefront of the B&G sector?

CM: “With the content that we are already providing to the industry, we are in a unique position to support the demands of the market place. By bringing everything together we will ensure that we pave the way for our customers to make their products more innovative and interactive than ever before.

“The basis for this is the joined up and consistent content repository that we can deliver to ease the integration of the products and services and push even further the level of automation within the bookmaker’s operation from start to finish.” Do you have anything else to add?

CM: “If you would like to experience our products for yourself, or if you just want to discuss what Perform can do to bring your services to the next level, visit us at our stand at ICE Totally Gaming, S1-340.”

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