Yiannis Gangas on why Vermantia started with CS:GO

Yiannis Gangas on why Vermantia started with CS:GO

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

For anyone interested in the big wide world of esports, then stopping by Vermantia’s stand (S4-120) at 3:30pm at ICE today is a good bet. There’ll be a live CS:GO match going down between eSuba and NL Gaming to celebrate the company’s new esports product launch.

Yiannis Gangas, the Chief Product Officer at Vermantia, spoke to Totally Gaming.  

Totally Gaming: Why now...how long has Vermantia been planning to enter esports?

Yiannis Gangas: Since the beginning of 2016 Vermantia has been looking into offering esports to its customers. This particular sector has been enjoying a substantial surge in popularity on a worldwide basis.

We wanted to be sure that our solution would enable fast-paced 24/7 betting in the paradigm of esports, fitting into the modalities and dynamics of the retail channel where the majority of our clients lie in, while being equally suitable for both online and mobile.

Such a solution appeared thanks to our partnership with PvPRO, with the added value of also having the ability to collect live data and organise betting on bespoke tournaments on behalf of large operators.

TG: Why did you start off with only CS:GO? When and which new titles will be added?

Gangas: We started with CS:GO, because we have access to a depth and width of data, not available in other esports titles, enabling us to provide diverse betting markets.

Moreover, CS:GO gameplay and graphics are characterised by large figures and more clearly identifiable scenery elements, making the game applicable for display and betting also in the retail environment. Our intention is to add more esports, as the market’s demand for betting products based on esports will dictate.

TG: Tell us more about Vermantia CONNECT and how you're planning to help operators with esports in this regard.

Gangas: Vermantia CONNECT is foremost an enabler for our customers since it allows them to add and easily deploy new games among multiple titles of different providers and from all game verticals.

All these games are available through our platform and can be scheduled with one Universal Scheduler by the operator. Without CONNECT, operators would need to integrate with several providers, use several/different scheduling tools and in general, sustain an increased technical and administrative overhead that would render the whole implementation a harder, costlier and tardier task to accomplish. At Vermantia, we lift all these barriers from our customers’ side, since they have the opportunity to speed up time-to-market, focus on marketing and choose the right product mix.

Markets are constantly evolving with regards to esports and operators need to be able to react fast to any changes of the consumer habits and desire for modern betting products. Since our esports solution will be powered by CONNECT, operators who have access to our platform will be able to “test-drive” and quickly deploy esports, by seamlessly adding the markets to an existing schedule of betting events that Vermantia already delivers to their shops.

The same applies to new customers; by deploying esports through CONNECT, they benefit from the fact that all esports data becomes instantly available for consumption.

Players will thus also be able to bet on esports through TOUCH; our mobile app acting as the player’s SSBT and FLAVOR, our desktop SSBT. Furthermore, the operator will be able to display esports odds, statistics and results on multiple screens inside the shop using VISION, our multiple content management and display system.

Visit Vermantia on stand S4-120. The live CS:GO will begin at 3.30pm