Why Malta is the home of gaming excellence

Why Malta is the home of gaming excellence

Monday, February 6, 2017

Malta should be perceived as the ‘home of gaming excellence’ according to Christian Sammut, the chairman of GamingMalta - a new body set-up to promote Malta as an i-gaming jurisdiction.

“We are Home of Gaming Excellence,” claims Sammut. “This follows that success breeds success but we will never stop thriving to earn this status. Our mission is to promote Malta as the HOME OF GAMING EXCELLENCE in the remote and digital gaming sector globally and accelerating its growth.

“We are intensifying our efforts by joining the dots and build bridges across the ecosystem, including the Malta public sector.  Against this backdrop it’s important that we stay ahead of the game, watch developments and embrace innovation.”

Sammut said that Malta has a strong philosophy of nurturing innovation. “Our rationale is built on the premise that people innovate and not organisations. It follows then that our eco system responds to this and innovative firms need experienced partners and suppliers. The strength of our eco system satisfies these needs encouraged by a gaming regulator that embraces innovation. In essence the eco system is the people and specialists working within the system will continue to help to fuel this innovative growth.”

It is this approach that has helped the island attract a number of start-ups to the jurisdiction. Sammut explained that the Malta eco-system helps out greatly in this respect: “It’s a sum of all the parts. Knowledgeable stakeholders, mindset of peers, an elite tech, IT and support services infrastructure. We also have a burgeoning choice of established support industries including financial services, management consultancy, data centres and telecoms.”

But the best ambassadors are those who have come to Malta and grown their businesses.

Daniel Bradtke Co-founder & CEO at Wetten.com, commented: “Malta’s professional igaming environment is rich in talent, competence and opportunity.”

Valery Bollier, CEO at OulalaGames Ltd, added: “Malta’s has the most efficient pro-business environment that I have ever seen.”

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