What does ICE mean to startups?: Five minutes with Glück Games

What does ICE mean to startups?: Five minutes with Glück Games

Friday, February 10, 2017

On the final day of ICE Totally Gaming 2017, the ICE Live team visited Arvind Upadhyay, COO and Robert Lenzhofer, CEO of Glück Games to get their perspective on what ICE means to startups and catch up on how the show this year has helped them.

Why did you come to ICE?

Arvind: Basically to announce that we are in the industry for the first time. We’ve not done the show before, as we’re a one year old company. We’re tackling the casual real money gaming industry, which is anything from lotteries to casinos, and we wanted to make a big bang at the show. We’ve sold 40m of one of our scratch cards – our leading games Piggy Bank.

What does ICE mean to you as a startup?

Arvind: ICE is obviously the biggest event in iGaming, so it’s obviously really important for us to be here to make a mark. We don't have a massive budget like an established company does, so coming to an event like this is crucial to garner attention.

What kind of deals have you been striking at ICE?

Arvind: Well we’re currently live with around four operators, and at ICE this year we’ve already signed up almost the same amount, so it’s going to nearly double our presence in the next few months. Hopefully it’s the start of great things because of all the attention we’ve had – it’s going to be a great year for us!

What do you think are the most significant challenges for the industry?

Robert: I think the biggest challenge is also the biggest opportunity. We’re in the online lottery sector and we have a lot of state lotteries who are taking our content, but the challenge there is that it’s really hard to make a dent in the industry if you don't have full access to the market, even if you have the best product! As a result, a lot of the opportunity for us is in working with all the casino and sports betting operators. ICE has been wonderful to us. I’ve been 16 years in the industry and know a lot of people without being at ICE, but the foot traffic here is amazing, meeting people has been amazing, and ICE is so significant to the industry: if you’re not there, you’re not alive.

Do you think that the new American President, Donald Trump will be good for gaming?

Robert: I think it’s going to be extremely tough for B2C, because President Trump is very America-focused, making sure that American companies make money. However the B2C companies have no chance without products, so it’s going to be great for B2B.

Describe ICE in one word.

Robert: Big. No. HUGE!

Favourite thing about ICE?

Arvind: Everyone's here.

Any final thoughts?

Robert: We’re really happy to be here and for the support given by Totally Gaming. I’ve been in the industry for many years, particularly with startups, and have had a lot of startup passes in the past. I’m really happy and glad to come back here and to pay for our stand now. Keep it up on the startup front and keep supporting startups – they need all the help they can get!