The rising popularity of Live Dealer mobile games

The rising popularity of Live Dealer mobile games

Friday, February 3, 2017

Live Dealer products are becoming ever more popular on mobile devices, despite screen limitations. Totally Gaming caught up with Yuval Shochat, the CCO of Vivo Gaming, to discuss the phenomenon.

Totally Gaming: For a while there was some concern about the mobile screen being too small for Live Dealer - has that receded now that the market has shown that it can work?

Yuval Shochat: Vivo Gaming is one of the pioneers to offer full mobile compatible Live Dealer games. Adapting to mobile platforms has posed a few challenges, the screen size being one of them. We developed a new UI for mobile, in HTML5, preserving all the functionality without damaging the experience of Live Gaming. The dealer, table, cards or roulette are easily visible to our mobile players, something we wouldn’t compromise.

Other challenges posed by adapting to mobile devices are the lower bandwidth and developing the games for different OS. These weren’t any real challenge for our experienced and professional team of developers and I can confidently say Vivo has the best Live Dealer solution for mobile platforms.

TG: What does a Live Dealer product bring to a gaming site that other products do not?

YS: Despite all the efforts of online casinos and game providers to prove the fairness of traditional Random Number Generator casino games, the players can’t always be sure that they are playing truly fair and random games. Live Dealer casino games provide a solution for this issue, together with an enhanced gaming experience.

When playing a Live Dealer table, the players have the same level of certainty as if they were playing in the biggest casino. Ensuring fairness and reliability is one of Vivo Gaming’s main principles. This is why we implemented one-shot takes in all of our tables in which the camera is constantly filming the dealer and game without breaks or interruptions. This feature establishes players’ trust of the games they are currently playing as they can be sure they are not tricked or cheated between shots.

Live Dealer games also provide a whole new experience for online players. It is the closest online players can get to the experience and rush of playing in a real casino, but from the comfort of their home. Our dealers interact and engage with the players as if they were sitting right in front of them. This form of interaction cannot be found in any other online casino product.

These are just two of more advantages Live Dealer games have for both players and operators, making Live Dealer a must for any successful and aspiring online gaming operation.

TG: How do you help land-based casinos tap into the phenomenon?

YS: Vivo Gaming offers several solutions specifically for land-based operations seeking to partake in the Live Dealer phenomenon.

We enable land-based casinos to offer their current and future customers the option to visit their favourite casino by going online from any device and play live on any tables from anywhere. The tables are broadcasted live via our proprietary software and system so players can feel as if they are physically in the casino whether they are in the hotel room, cruise ship cabin or their own home. This solution gives land-based casinos the opportunity to expand their customer base and increase players’ lifetime value thus maximizing their revenue.

We also provide the option for land-based casinos to offer their players to play our Live Dealer tables from terminals or tablets at the casino as if they were another table or slot machine.

Another option we offer is dedicated branded tables in our studio. Whether it’s Baccarat, Blackjack or Roulette, you can have a fully customised table with your own design, logos, cards and dealer outfit.

TG: One of your more developed Live Dealer games is Baccarat - what is particularly entertaining about this game?

YS: Baccarat, or Punto Banco, is one of the most popular games we offer. What started as mostly popular amongst Asian players is now becoming the game of choice for European and ROW players as well. Even though it is strictly a game of chance, the house edge is relatively lower than in other games, making it very appealing for players. Despite this fact, the amount of players playing our Baccarat tables makes it our most profitable game. 

We put a lot of effort on providing the best Live Baccarat tables out there. Our Baccarat players get to choose between four different UI versions (3D, 2D, 5S and V1), the option to graphically squeeze the cards (as done in the real casino) and can use any of the 5 different roadmap types they are so used to.

TG: Will 2017 be the year that Live Dealer explodes around the globe?

YS: It has already exploded! Live dealer’s share of total online gaming market keeps increasing and you can see more and more online gaming providers developing Live Dealer games. The technological advances, especially in video streaming, propel this trend and I believe this is just the beginning.  

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