Pocket Games Soft plans to make its mark in mobile gaming

Pocket Games Soft plans to make its mark in mobile gaming

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ahead of its debut at the ICE, TotallyGaming.com caught up with Ken Zhang, the managing director at mobile game specialist Pocket Games Soft, to discuss his firm’s approach to the gambling industry.

Totally Gaming: Pocket Games Soft is making its debut at ICE - what has been the catalyst for this?

Ken Zhang: Pocket Games Soft is a world-class mobile games company. We pride ourselves to deliver an unprecedented, immersive gaming experience to the Next-Gen slots players. Essentially, we’re here to revolutionise mobile app gamification.

ICE Totally Gaming is an award-winning show that draws in high visitor numbers annually. It is, undeniably, an obvious decision for us to tap on this world stage to herald our inception. We're positive that this event will work as a springboard, propelling us to a world stage and potentially open up new opportunities. A great starting point for a burgeoning studio we'd say.

TG: What is the market doing wrong with regards to mobile slots at the moment, and how will you address it?

KZ: From the outset, one of the common practices (taken by most handheld games publishers) is that products are primarily morphed from desktop LAN games or traditional slots machines.

Critical components, in terms of visualisation and user experience (UX) are often neglected or overlooked when companies do direct migration from a stereotypical medium. We truly felt that the full capacity of mobile gamification is very much untapped and unexplored.

In contrast, PG’s distinctive paradigm is drawn from expansive UX research and multiple iterations (massive rounds of refinement, in fact, before we launch our games) and a solid team of creative visionaries. We've the best people on board.

Fusing unbounded creativity and cutting-edge technologies, we’re on the pilgrimage to creating groundbreaking graphics and gratifying gaming experience for our players. Players do have a choice and they certainly deserve a better option in the level of entertainment.

TG: How important are graphics on what is an essentially mini monitor? Is it still possible to make a splash?

KZ: Astounding, remarkable aesthetics is synonymous to the success of our games. Kudos to our team of collaborative, talented artists; they play the pivotal roles in ensuring that incredibly rich graphics are vividly captured, even on small screens. In Pocket Games Soft, we don't do average.

We put in the extra hard work, toil long hours, challenge the conventions and to innovate. - all in the efforts to amaze our audience, exceeding their expectations.

Discerning viewers will come to appreciate the extra efforts that we go through to capture intricate details on screens. We dare say “We're the Best of Best”.

TG: Is mobile gaming the standard for millennials?

KZ: Yeah, definitely, without a doubt. According to leading statistics, mobile usage is growing at astonishing fast speed with user penetration in Asia especially at a high level. We see a lot of untapped potential in this emerging trend. For pragmatic users, mobile phones are indispensable in this digital age. Bringing entertainment at the convenience of their fingertips is crucial.

TG: What is the difference between a native app player and a browser player? Do they like different game styles?

KZ: Hardcore gamers would probably resonate with me - Native App delivers captivatingly rich graphics, play dynamics and performance. None of the HTML5 games at the present stage have ever come close. Gaming experience is amplified with streamlined API responses. The only drawback, is that app development takes time.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and software updates, it would have been quite daunting and tedious for us to catch up. So, HTML5 speeds up the processes. Albeit staggering performance on web browsers, HTML5 games offer a prelude to what we can offer without having to download the app. This lower barrier to entry could attract even more players.

To be able to effectively deliver in dual (Native and HTML) platforms, Pocket Games Soft is at a stronger edge on our competitors.

TG: What will 2017 have in store for mobile gaming?

KZ: 2016 set a remarkable milestone, heralding a start for us. Come 2017, we’re looking at expanding our creative team, strengthening our technologies to bring in more WOW factors in our games. We seek your continued support as we move bolder into the year.

Visit Pocket Games Soft at ICE on Stand N7-436. To book a meeting contact: hello@pgsoft.com