"The new paradigm is a threat, but only for those who stay where they are"

"The new paradigm is a threat, but only for those who stay where they are"

Thursday, February 9, 2017

ICE Vox peered into its crystal ball yesterday, with three ‘prophets’ asked to predict what the future would hold for the industry. Each prophet had 10 minutes to present their vision of the future to the BetMarkets audience.

Once the predictions had been presented, delegates voted on which prediction they thought was most likely to come true.

At the conclusion of the session, the final vote was cast in favour of Valery Bollier, CEO and Co-Founder of Oulala Games: 43% of the audience thought his vision of the future was the most compelling, with an equal 29% voting for the other speakers.

ICE Live presents a summary of the arguments – and some of the newest industry buzzwords originating from this session.

Winning prediction: “Gaming businesses will fall off a cliff if they do not adapt to a Millennial audience”

Valery Bollier, CEO and Co-Founder Oulala Games, fantasy football game

“Young generations are not playing the same games as their parents were playing because they have access to such amazing skill games on their consoles and constant social interactions on their mobile phones.”

“In 2020, Millennials will be 50% of the workforce. Until you realise that this sector is radically changing, then you will see these changes as exotic. Products need to take into account the real expectations of the customers, otherwise other companies will colonise the sector offering products they really want.”

“They want social games where they have interaction with their friends – it’s all about ‘I'm going to show you that I'm cooler, I know more about tennis.’”

“There’s a customer revolution in our sector. The winners will be the ones that will listen and adapt to their customers' needs. Radical changes are always brutal. The new paradigm is a threat, but only for those who stay where they are.”

“‘Verticalisation’ will help increase your audience reach”

Michael Bolcerek, Senior Vice President Business Development – Integrity, Aristotle Inc, technology provider for political campaigns and organisations

“There’s a saturated market in Europe within the sports betting arena – operators win a bit of turf and lose a bit of turf over time.”

“If you look at coffee market, it was once dominated by Starbucks and Pete's Coffee, but what you found was that markets became more specialised and became more public over time.”

“The Millennial gaming sector looks at experiential rewards around the vertical. Our vertical is politics and we reward users beyond what they are interested in. Part of the challenge is to grow a wider base. We need to reach out to those people and get them active in politics.”

“So if, for example, you are a sports betting company and you target tennis fans, perhaps you could offer tickets to the US Open as rewards.”

Prediction: “Everything will be regulated”

Tal Ron, Advocate and Managing Partner, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co, law firm specialising in online trading, fintech and iGaming

“We are going into a framework where everything will be regulated, both in this industry and other verticals. There will be regulation of bonuses. In Forex and binary options, when you enter a game you get a bonus, sometimes this bonus is only future money.”

“Now, we are seeing regulations across Europe, such as in Cyprus, where they are saying ‘this is not fair’ and that it will not be allowed, as some players manipulate this bonus in order to get clients.”

“As a lawyer, I think it’s a good thing to clean up the industry and make sure its regulated but in a  global sense, I don’t believe this is possible – there are too many different mentalities and differences between nations.”