Illegal gaming and promoting diversity listed as key issues for ECA

Illegal gaming and promoting diversity listed as key issues for ECA

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tackling illegal gambling and encouraging diversity are among the key challenges for the European Casino Association (ECA) in 2017.

Chairman of the ECA, Per Jaldung, opened his session at the International Casino Conference today by reporting that business levels in the casino sector remained relatively stable. He said there had been a small drop in revenue of around 1-2% but the number of customer visits and properties had remained the same. He added that Montenegro and San Marino had joined the ECA in 2016.

“The ECA believes gambling should take place on a level playing field with fair competition, where compliance should not be an issue but an advantage,” Jaldung said, adding that illegal gaming posed a threat to both the industry and consumers through lack of adequate protection.

Jaldung went on to outline a list of potential sanctions that could be implemented against illegal operators. These included payment blocking, ‘black and white lists’ of companies operating illegally and a ban on advertising. He said that a number of European countries, including Poland, were already beginning to bring in restrictions against illegal gambling.

“Encouraging diversity within the sector is another key issue for the ECA,” Jaldung said. He praised the Global Gaming Women initiative in the United States and called for a similar initiative to be established in Europe. “The ECA will continue to pledge its support for women in the industry at all levels”, Jaldung explained, saying that top managerial levels positions would be a particular focus. He went on to praise Sweden, where women already made up 50% of managerial positions, with the UK at a similar level.

Jaldung added that the ECA has joined the UN Global Compact, dedicated to creating a more sustainable world.