ICE VOX announces ICE VOX Prophets 2017

ICE VOX announces ICE VOX Prophets 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

ICE VOX is launching a new challenge for the industry in the shape of ICE VOX Prophets.

Futurologists Valery Boilier, CEO and Co-Founder of OulalaGames, John Aristotle Phillips, CEO of Aristotle’s Integrity, and Tal Ron of Drihem & Co., will pitch their predictions for the future of BetMarkets on Wednesday 8th February during Happy Hour drinks in 10-minute presentations and will be grilled by our iGaming Futurologist, Mark McGuiness. The audience will then be able to vote for the futurologist with the most persuasive argument and the winner will be announced live at the show.

The competition will start promptly at 16:00 in the Platinum Suites on Wednesday 8 February accompanied by Happy Hour Drinks.

Those interested in being a spectator and casting their vote should contact to reserve a place as spaces are limited and only those present in the room will be able to cast their vote.