ICE Announces A New Opportunity for Exhibitors

ICE Announces A New Opportunity for Exhibitors

Friday, February 3, 2017

For the first time ever, ICE has partnered with EverThere, a San Francisco-based marketing technology company, to offer exhibitors direct digital access to all event attendees. The goal of this partnership is to help exhibitors boost their booth traffic and generate more qualified leads from this year’s event.

When ICE begins this February, every event attendee will receive a digital gift bag. Inside this mobile-optimized bag, attendees can view up to 15 offers from select ICE exhibitors. These offers can help exhibitors drive booth traffic, promote event-related deals, and encourage downloads of digital content. Event attendees redeem appealing offers by signing-up with their email address for the exhibitor’s team to follow-up with.

Exhibitors who pick this sponsorship option can expect a significant boost in their exposure and lead generation results. Companies like IBM, Taboola and United Airlines have generated up to 4.5 times more leads using EverThere than from their booths, and 75% of these leads were unique to EverThere.

Results are shared in real-time with in-depth analytics to help exhibitors scale and optimize their event marketing budget and strategy. Exhibitors also walk away with the profiles of qualified leads to help shorten their sales cycle and continue the conversations they began at ICE, online. The amplification that EverThere provides exhibitors is unmatched by other marketing channels and is perfect for companies looking to increase exposure and engagement at this coming ICE event.

For more information, click here to contact EverThere or click here to see the website.