Foxwoods CEO: gaming industry must concentrate on creating individual experiences

Foxwoods CEO: gaming industry must concentrate on creating individual experiences

Monday, February 6, 2017

The gaming industry must focus on creating individual, interactive and immersive experiences if it is to retain its audience and connect with new generations.

That was the verdict of Felix Rappaport, President and CEO of Foxwoods, who presented an Industry Hotseat session at the International Casino Conference today.

In a session titled ‘Finding your foothold in the future entertainment industry’, Rappaport told delegates that the gaming industry was an entertainment business and would continue to be disrupted by new technology. He said smartphones, video gaming, new social media channels and Netflix had affected the way audiences consumed media and entertainment. He added this trend was set to continue with virtual reality (VR) posing both opportunities and challenges to operators.

Rappaport said it was important for gaming businesses to sell the customer benefits of the sector to their potential audience: “It’s providing the safe thrill, the chance to ‘prove you’re the best’, a private meditation or escape from a stressful world and the chance to be your own hero.”

Rappaport also warned gaming businesses that they needed to keep on top of emerging trends and take an agile approach: “The future is likely to be dramatically different,” he said. “No one knows what’s going to happen – there’s no silver bullet.”

Foxwoods, along with other gaming operators, is ensuring its activities are aligned to attract a Millennial audience (born 1981-2000), now the world’s biggest generation, Rappaport confirmed. He added that it made business sense for the company to ensure they created both gaming and non-gaming experiences to attract and connect with customers of all generations. “It’s the end to ‘one size fits all’,” he said. “That died a long time ago, if it even existed. Individual, immersive and interactive is common sense. It is our True North. It’s the lens through which we view all of the great options at ICE this year and every year to come.”