Bitly CEO urges gaming businesses to “Make digital landscape your playground”

Bitly CEO urges gaming businesses to “Make digital landscape your playground”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Customer experience is no longer a journey but a complicated maze in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape, according to Bitly CEO, Mark Josephson.

Josephson was addressing delegates in an ICE VOX Headliner session this morning entitled  ‘Embracing the Maze: Owning the Customer Experience in the Digital World.’

He said the challenge for the industry was to keep up with changes in both technology and customer expectations. Gaming businesses had to adapt to an increasingly fragmented business environment with customers using multiple channels across multiple devices. “The innovation is happening so quickly that I wake up and think: ‘who's going to move my cheese today?’," he said.

He told the audience to remember it was still early in the digital transformation journey and the growing list of customer touchpoints may result in “overwhelmed marketers”. He advised delegates to be: “energised by change, rethink models and revitalise the industry. Make the fragmented digital landscape your playground.”

Josephson said industries would continue to move towards a more personalised model and businesses should focus on their core specialities but evolve their offering over time. He cited Amazon, which started life as a book store but now delivers goods by drone. He said businesses must understand their customers’ problems and passions to benefit from personalisation. “Ask yourself – what do our customers care about, what do they wake up thinking about? Capture a sliver of their day and work out how you can build on that.”

He added that businesses should also focus on gathering data to ensure they make informed decisions. This included information from their own customers to buying in third party data from external sources. Josephson urged delegates to formulate their own strategy and ensure they “measured everything”.

“Once you have the data, you can use it to ask questions and also use it to tell you stories,” he said. “But you cannot do that unless you are capturing it and you have an overall data strategy.”

Josephson said that as technology progresses and connectivity increases, the industry needed to refocus with every business considering itself part of the tech sector. "If you don't consider yourself a tech company, act like one,” he warned. “If you don't think about yourselves that way, then you’re going to be challenged.”