World’s Strongest Man reveals his next big challenge at ICE

World’s Strongest Man reveals his next big challenge at ICE

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A life on the screen could be the next big challenge for World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall. Eddie, aka The Beast, was at the show to sign life-sized t-shirts and meet his fans at the stand. was also launching their new platform which allows businesses to hire expert consultants on demand.

Last year Eddie achieved his long-held ambition of winning World’s Strongest Man. He is the first British man in 24 years to hold the title. The last British winner since Geoff Capes.

Eddie said: “Geoff Capes became a household name. Now I’ve won World’s Strongest Man, my ambition is to follow in the footsteps of my hero Arnold Schwarzenegger and go into acting.”

ICE Live caught up with Eddie at last year’s show and got a rundown of his training diet, which included a dozen eggs for breakfast. We asked if Eddie had needed to up the calories in his bid to go from Britain’s Strongest Man to World’s Strongest Man.

“It was 16-17 eggs and then 12 sausages,” he said. “Then porridge. Eating and training is a full-time job.”

Since achieving his world title, Eddie has been busy shedding the pounds. Although he still competes in strongman competitions, he has been losing weight for health reasons. He said: “I was 32 stone, now I’ve dropped to 29.5 – and I feel a lot better for it!”

Eddie has been enjoying meeting fans at ICE. “Last year, I was amazed at how many people were here, but this year its even bigger and better. It’s a great place to network and for people to work with each other.”

The theme for this year’s ICE is Paradice, so we asked Eddie  ‘What’s your idea of Paradice?’ “Paradice for me would be being on an island surrounded by my family and friends. With plenty to eat!”