Meet Europe’s #1 Ethical Hacker, Jamie Woodruff

Meet Europe’s #1 Ethical Hacker, Jamie Woodruff

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Jamie Woodruff is Europe’s number-one ethical hacker. He says he landed the title by accident.

“I started hacking when I was nine years old,” he commented, saying he didn’t do very well at college or school and was eventually expelled.

“I knew that I didn’t want to hack maliciously,” he said. “I wanted to become this ethical hacker. I helped companies with loads of vulnerabilities, disclosed that to companies and kind of built a name for myself around cybersecurity and especially social engineering.”

Woodruff has hacked Facebook and Kim Kardashian’s website to spotlight vulnerabilities.

The weakest link

Woodruff highlights the human aspect of hacking.

To demonstrate  this, he once impersonated a Domino’s pizza delivery person at a large financial institution and gained access to its server room.

Woodruff said: “We spend millions on infrastructure but we completely forget the employees  they’re the weakest link inside an industry. You have senior executives who want passwords removed or don’t care about cybersecurity because it’s not on their agenda right now."

He likened it to different types of doctors – neurologist, dermatologist, etc.: “People need to understand it’s the same principle with cybersecurity – you have the hardware guys, the people guys, the software guys and each one complements each other. It’s not just one thing you need; it’s multiple."

It could be anyone

He added there is no “typical hacker”; it could be anyone.

In order to protect themselves, Woodruff said companies need to: “Adapt and evolve. Cyber security is part of that process.”