Harley takes his first spin in new wheelchair at ICE

Harley takes his first spin in new wheelchair at ICE

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Five-year-old Harley Hickling-Allen took his first spin in his new wheelchair, donated by CHIPS, the charity of the UK casino and gaming industry. The chair was presented at ICE.

Harley lives in Leicester with his parents and 9-year-old sister. He has MLCRD syndrome which limits his mobility through difficulties with balance and control of his muscles.

Harley climbed straight into his new chair at ICE, turning and propelling himself along immediately. He had previously used an NHS manual wheelchair which was heavy to manoeuvre and caused him to tire quickly. 

Mum Victoria said Harley had been excited to receive the new custom-built chair which has Leicester City FC logos on the wheels. “This new chair means Harley will be able to join in with everything – both as a family and at school,” she said. “It will give him a lot more independence. He’s a lot stronger than he looks and this chair has been built especially for his specific needs.”

CHIPS’ mission is to provide mobility, independence and a better quality of life for children with disabilities. It has raised more than £2 million and bought nearly 500 wheelchairs.

Charity co-founder Linda Lindsay said she was grateful to Kate Chambers, managing director of Clarion Gaming, and everyone in the industry for their donations to CHIPS.
She said: “I have hugged so many mums and wiped so many tears from the faces of parents. What we give their children is dignity, self respect and independence.

“The reaction we get every time we give a child their new light chair is a beaming smile – and often, the parent turns around and the child is off out of the door!"