BBIN: How to build competitive advantage in Asia

BBIN: How to build competitive advantage in Asia

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Given the moves towards increasing iGaming demands in Asia, many countries are trying to develop or implement an expansion plan for it. But how exactly do you build competitive advantage in this booming market? Ahead of ICE 2018, BBIN share their insights.

What are the challenges in Asia?

Since developments for land-based casinos are gradually being supported by the local governments, and the penetration of mobile devices is growing, Asia is now a massive target for online gambling companies.

However, many companies enter the Asia iGaming market with challenges; for instance, lack of understanding in the local culture, customs, and business etiquette. BBIN advises on the best solutions for those companies.

How do you build competitive advantage in Asia?

By choosing the right portal! Because Asia is a mosaic of different markets, cultures, languages and market opportunities, it is much easier and cost efficient to utilise influence from existing portal companies, rather than to start over. Especially in an area where its differences and distinctiveness are hidden.

Experience is essential

BBIN is the leading iGaming software supplier in Asia. Not only with 20 years’experience in the local market management, but also with tech innovation. Their partnership programmes and abundance of products are provided to enhance customised websites in order to increase the profitability.

BBIN supports over 500 clients through their partnership programmes in Asia alone. Service areas include Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. They also supply 13 styles of Live Casino, 30 types of lottery, over 100 kinds of Casino Game and 40000 games of Sports. You can see many unique elements that fit local preference and culture in their product series.

Innovation is crucial

Advancement in technology is having the biggest and longest-lasting impact on this industry. BBIN is not only an HTML5 performing pioneer in Asia, but has also innovated and applied multiple local payment methods and management system with 24 hrs clients’ service via stable server technology. Complete back-end systems are provided with cash flow data analysis as well, which helps clients to operate their own websites effectively.

BBIN has also devoted time to app development in recent years because mobile devices have transformed the way people live and conduct everyday activities. Products with mobile app support are becoming way more important. Since their iBB app launch in 2016, 40% of players tend to use this platform to experience their products. A customised service has also been provided in the app more recently, and is already getting a lot of attention.

Sustainability is vital

BBIN optimises products for compatibility. With more than 1,000 professionals all over the world, BBIN constantly creates, researches and develops new iGaming products in-house. It keeps renovating functions and services to refer to the latest trends.

Moreover, when thinking about sustainable development, source integration is the other way make the platforms and service fit different market needs. BBIN has launched an extended product line by collaborating with Microgaming, Playtech, Asia Gaming, Allbet, Gold Deluxe, and ORIENTAL GAME, and will not only continue to collaborate with multiple software suppliers but constantly innovate in content or system development for enriching product variety.

Interested in the latest iGaming trends in Asia ?

Well, interacting both globally and locally via a simple platform or system is primary when we talk about the industry trends in Asia.

'Step Up into Asia' is the slogan of BBIN in 2018, which means “Keeping growth going internally and externally”. The BBIN platform keeps being upgraded with complete cash flow data by adapting Big Data analytical technology, offering clients the most powerful and unique backend management system on the market. And since 2016, they have been recognised by Asia Gaming Awards (AGA), International Gaming Awards (IGA) and Global Gaming Awards (GGA) consistently. So you want to know more about the last trend in Asia? Go talk to BBIN!

BBIN welcomes different cooperating opportunities from around the world, and provides the advantages of professional sources to those that want to introduce their products into Asia. Come up to meet them for more valuable information at stand N7-350 on 6th to 8th February at ICE London 2018.