Is KYC continuity critical to your business?

Today we find ourselves in a world where your consumer and corporate customers want to transact, play and conduct business online 24hours a day, 365 days a year. This can be across multiple jurisdictions and time zones, often with no regard for either scheduled or unscheduled system maintenance.

What happens to your business when your KYC service provider has a service interruption or their data supplier can’t operate?

At W2 we recognise that watertight resilience is essential, we understand that service down time will not only have commercial implications but also an adverse impact on your reputation. So we’ve taken resilience to the next level, we’ve launched Liveboat™.

As standard, W2 applies best practice dual location, mirrored, load-balanced services with dynamic monitoring and fail-over systems. However, there are inevitably times when conditions arise that are beyond our control, such as a supplier service interruption or infrastructure failure.

Our already robust approach to business continuity means that our existing infrastructure will cover most, if not all of these scenarios; however, we have bolstered our position as market leaders with a unique service. We have built a solution that we hope no one ever has to use,  Liveboat™.

Liveboat™ is a stand-alone, completely self-suflcient KYC service that runs autonomously from any of our other services, even operating from a  disparate, ring-fenced remote hosting centre. The key to this enhanced resilience is that Liveboat™ utilises a totally separate set of data sources so that in the event of catastrophic failure or outage caused by one of our service or hosting providers, we can switch to an alternate feed in an alternate environment.

If you already have an incumbent KYC provider, W2 provides the option to consume those services via a single integration to the W2 resilient platform. In the event that your existing provider or their data partner has an outage, W2 would dynamically switch to alternate data source or in a disaster recovery scenario, fail-over to Liveboat™.