MultiPLAY™ System

MultiPLAY™ System

Introducing the MultiPLAY™ System

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has introduced powerful enhancements to its award winning MultiPLAY™ platform, which unlike any other touch screen system currently available today, is able to identify individual players and specific bets with its Touch ID technology - worldwide patents pending.

MultiPLAY™ combines the experience of live table gaming with the very latest advances in gaming technology by merging traditional table games and live croupier with a full-sized multiplayer betting surface.  While delivering the benefits of electronic gaming, such as increased profitability and reduced time between games, MultiPLAY™ does not strip away the core essence of live gaming that players enjoy.  

MultiPLAY™ Quad HD Live 

Quad HD Live offers an effective way of quickly delivering live Roulette, Sic Bo or Craps to many people. By giving operators the ability to adjust games at the flick of a switch, it is possible to maximize game play and revenue, quickly reacting to the time of day and player demand. When this option is placed on a double or triple table, different games can be played consecutively, all still using only one dealer. 

MultiPLAY™ Quad HD Live offers unrivalled display technology by utilizing a true life-like 56” Quad HD screen.  While the resolution in a standard HD screen is 1920x1080 pixels, MultiPLAY Quad HD boasts a stunning 3840x2160 pixels resolution.  With an extensive selection of table finishes and colours to select from, plus the ability to add bespoke gaming layouts and chip designs, building a MultiPLAY™ table to suit your live tables has never been easier.  

MultiPLAY™ HD Auto

HD Auto is a fully automated and cashless configuration for an even greater return on investment.  By using the new TCSJOHNHUXLEY Saturn™ Auto wheel combined with bill acceptors and ticket printers, the result is a very lucrative 24 hour-a-day live-hybrid Roulette and Blackjack platform that requires no dealer or inspection.  

The robust table design of MultiPLAY™ HD Auto offers high quality gaming to all types of venues ranging from traditional casinos and electronic casinos to slot clubs and electronic arcades.  It features TITO (Ticket-In/Ticket-Out), with individual bill acceptors and ticket printers per player position and a fully cashless option featuring smart key technology is also available.