Matsui Chips & Plaques

Matsui Chips & Plaques

The Matsui brand is synonymous worldwide with quality, durability and security.  In fact, regarded as the industry’s most reliable chip manufacturer, it is no surprise thatTCSJOHNHUXLEY recommend them to its client base.  Sourcing only the best in gaming accessories, TCSJOHNHUXLEY is proud to offer Matsui’s extensive range of chips, wheelchecks, security value chips, plaques and jetons.

Using TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s unique chip configurator, each bank of chips is designed by customers to meet their specific needs.  Of course, TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s dedicated staff are always on hand to offer advice on which colours and security features to incorporate.

Design Service

TCSJOHNHUXLEY can develop customised designs for all banks of chips using your casino’s logo. Our  Graphics Department can help clients develop unique bank designs using TCSJOHNHUXLEY's unrivaled chip configurator.  Allowing customers to view sample chips, designed to their exact specification, TCSJOHNHUXLEY's chip configurator makes chip design quick and easy.

Security Features

TCSJOHNHUXLEY offer a range of security features to ensure quick and easy verification and location of all chips.  Security features include visible and invisible UV marking, serial numbers available for chip identification, Matsui’s Secure-e-Chip anti-theft system and MG Eye to authenticate all chips.