KRE8 Layouts

KRE8 Layouts

KRE8® table layouts are manufactured on a heavyweight polyester that allows for customisation. They enable casinos to create fully themed, photographic-quality tables that are more cost effective than traditional wool layouts.

All table games can utilise KRE8® table layouts without any restrictions on table sizes, or unsightly seams, making them the perfect playing surface for your customers and Dealers. Cloths are available in 10 standard colours whilst the inner playing areas can be specifically matched to your desired colour. Alternative cloth colours are available, subject to a minimum quantity.

KRE8 Layouts Key Features

  • Customise your layouts with your logo, any theme or full photographic images
  • Fibre free hard wearing surface perfect for electronic products such as chipping and shuffling machines
  • High definition digital printing process - for crisp imagery / logos and vibrant colours
  • Superior promotional opportunities in an area where customers spend most of their time
  • Full design, production and fulfilment service

High Impact Designs

With virtually unlimited scope in design, KRE8® layouts deliver greater impact with your players. KRE8® table layouts offer the opportunity to support cost effective promotions directly on your gaming table surfaces.

Basic Option - Choose your colour theme for two tone layouts and supply us with your corporate identity or logo.

Advanced Option - Customise your layouts with your logo or any theme. We are happy to use any existing images or our in-house design service can create one for you.

Photographic Option - The ultimate in designer layouts, Photographic quality printing allows you to run promotions, events or any themed image in full photographic colour.

Long Lasting

The best quality raw materials and digital imaging processes ensure that layouts from TCSJOHNHUXLEY always look vibrant and give outstanding performance in the most demanding environments. Our advanced synthetic material is fibre free finish, making it extremely hard wearing.

Alpha Layout

Currently only available in the UK & Europe. Alpha Layout, now part of TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s KRE8 layout collection, features a high-grade liquid-resistant coating that makes it easy to clean spills that may happen at the gaming table. 

Designed to withstand the wear and tear of today’s 24/7 operations, the Alpha layout has a high-washing and abraision resistence. This, combined with its liquid-resistence and ability to dry more rapidly, means your layouts will look good for longer. Colours will continue to stay vibrant too!