ICON Gaming Chips

ICON Gaming Chips

ICON chips feature a patented design and are manufactured in the U.S.A to ensure high quality construction, graphics and a superior matte finish; they will not break apart or wear.  These anti-counterfeited chips are among the most secure in the gaming industry and, due to the attention to detail in crafting them, have never been successfully counterfeited.

ICON Game Chips are built on a 30-year history. This history began in 1977 as the first multi-coloured, moulded chip in the gaming industry and continued as the first patent awarded RFID chips - among many other significant milestones.  Several years ago, ICON identified, and began development of the next innovative and state-of-the-art gaming chip; a new chip and process that is revolutionizing the role of the gaming chip once again - the ICON™ chip with IPT Technology™

The ICON Difference

The ICON™ chip with IPT Technology™ became immediately popular because of its extremely high quality, but low relative price point for a premier class gaming chip. ICON also offers a version of the ICONChip™, called the DuraChip™, for home gaming and promotional use. 

Since its introduction, the ICONChip™ has been continuously improved for greater quality and durability. This quality is produced on remarkable automated equipment, which ultimately results in much lower prices compared to major competitors worldwide.

Made in the U.S.A.

ICON Gaming Chips, INC operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing, research and design facility in Olathe, KS, USA. In-house engineering and design departments allow ICON to privately control the development process from product development through to automation, machinery, design and integration.

Casino Grade ICON DuraChip™

Full colour customized poker chip designed to meet the demands of the professional gaming environment. With DuraChip™, there are no more stickers to peel off, hot stamped foil to wear away, or inks to wear and fade.

Exclusive IPT Technology™

Every ICON Gaming DuraChip™ features our exclusive Integrated Print Technology™ that embeds the printed image into the surface of the chip. This process creates a vivid, high resolution, full-colour image that will not fade or wear for the life of the chip.

Security Features

ICON chips feature spot colour variations to ensure chip integrity.  This allows for easy recognition of all in-play chips at a glance, eliminating the chance of counterfeits being passed successfully. Further security enhancements include UV security printing and laser engraved edges.

Design Service

TCSJOHNHUXLEY can develop customised designs for all banks of chips using your casino’s logo. Our Graphics Department can help clients develop unique bank designs. Allowing customers to view sample chips, designed to their exact specification.

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