GFL Media

GFL Media

How GFL Media Helps

Media displays are vital pieces of equipment for the gaming floor; they serve as one of the best ways to communicate game stats, events and promotions to players. Currently, casinos have to use various different systems to control and update their media, such as one for general promotions, one for number displays and a seperate system for slot displays. Additionally, most casinos rely on a USB stick to manually transfer new content onto each screen in the venue, but this wastes valueable time and makes it dificult to use the displays proactively (e.g. to push out real-time special offers to players etc.). 

The GFL Media module links together stand-alone casino displays and allows operators to configure them from one central point. Where media displays were once seen as strictly numerical billboards, they're now able to achieve so much more. With a few clicks, casinos can make real-time edits to specific displays across the gaming floor or schedule set media changes to occur at precise, opportune times. With GFL Media, operators are granted unsurpassed control over their venue's displays, enabling them to communicate with their players and drive business like never before!

What You Can Do With It

With Gaming Floor Live's Media module, Casinos are able to:

✔ Alter, schedule & configure display content from a central point, in real-time

✔ Instantly modify table min/max at the click of a button

✔ Publish custom messages at specific tables around the venue (bar specials, restaurant offers, upcoming events etc.)

✔ Use a variety of widgets, frames and layouts to create a unique and functional media display design

✔ Display a multitude of different file-types, including streamed video content

✔ Configure any sized LCD monitor to supportMulti Table Display

✔ Schedule screen changes hourly, daily or on specific dates in the future, or initiated by events such as jackpots (display triggers)

✔ Create playlists to auto-play content in a pre-defined order

✔ Activate Blaze LED Surface Technology & illuminate tables with exciting animations (additional hardware required)

Security & Architecture

Built using robust protocols and databases that can be integrated into the casino’s existing IT infrastructure, Gaming Floor Live is ultra secure. A web dashboard allows access to different analytics and reporting modules based on user authority and it also runs as a distributed service, allowing easy access from any device on the casino’s network. The management of Gaming Floor Live is simple and intuitive via the dashboard.

Enabled Hardware

  • e-FX Portrait Displays
  • e-FX Landscape Displays
  • Multi Table Display (MTD) 
  • Blaze Surface Technology

'Build Your Own' Platform

Gaming Floor Live allows operators to build their own table management platform using varying combinations of the seven GFL modules. Like building blocks, operators are able to add as many modules as they desire onto the base platform, in order to suit their unique needs.

The flexibility of the system means that casinos can:

1. Quickly or gradually build their platform to suit requirements

2. Stay within budget and plan finances for future integrations

3. Expand and grow the platform when suitable for the casino