GFL Gaming

GFL Gaming

How GFL Gaming Helps

GFL Gaming has been designed to revolutionise the player experience. Using compact fixed or portable touchscreen gaming terminals that enable live casino table play, GFL Gaming increases the number of player positions on the gaming floor — which can often be limited by seating constraints or Dealer resources. It also appeals to more discreet players, such as VIPs or newcomers, by offering a more private gaming experience away from crowds and onlookers. 

With this module, casinos are able to transform small, previously underutilised licensed areas into revenue generating spaces. Perfect for use in licensed areas away from the gaming floor, such as bars, restaurants and smoking zones, this solution mimics a private virtual gaming experience while continuing to provide the exciting casino atmosphere players love.

What You Can Do With It

With Gaming Floor Live's Gaming module, Casinos are able to:

✔ Transform small or awkward licensed spaces - such as alcoves or corners - into revenue generating space

✔ Increase the number of player positions per table 

✔ Integrate terminals into any furniture or bespoke podium to create unique experiences 

✔ Offer Roulette, Baccarat and Sicbo from the same terminal - players can swap between games. 

✔ Access real-time fixed reporting including number of players, revenue, reconciliation etc.

✔ Monitor terminals and evaluate game status via the browser-based dashboard

✔ Offer crediting options: via cash desk, a player's unique numerical login or through crediting kiosks

✔ Add-on: Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) systems, Slot Account Systems (SAS), Crediting Kiosks etc.