GFL Bonusing

GFL Bonusing

How GFL Bonusing Helps

GFL Bonusing gives casinos the tools to intelligently customise their games — helping them to keep players at the table and achieve the best hold possible. With this module, operators can create multiple bespoke progressives and side bets for any table game, monitor the succeess of them in real-time and, if necessary, modify the game configurations instantly (subject to local regulations).

With GFL Bonusing games, progressive jackpots increment when a bet is placed and 'reset' once won. However, if one jackpot is won, the others remain in play (don't reset) until they are also won. This increased chance of winning excites players since more achievable game outcomes (such as lower-valued hands in Poker) can end up being worth the most!

Instead of installing several different pre-configured side bets and progressives in the hopes that players will enjoy them, the flexibility of GFL Bonusing means casinos can now quickly and easily create exactly what their unique player demographic wants. Not only does this help generate truly meaningful jackpots for players, but it also helps to increase the revenue potential of any table game — it's a win-win! 

What You Can Do With It

With Gaming Floor Live's Bonusing module, Casinos are able to:

✔ Design custom event-based or mystery progressives with jackpots spanning across various tables and game-types

✔ Create multiple levels of jackpots (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary etc.)

✔ Customise the game in real-time: house edge, jackpot contributions etc. (subject to local regulations)

✔ Have game content locked-in, in order to comply with local regulatory requirements. 

✔ Access data from anywhere in the world through the web-based dashboard.

✔ Modify bet sensor colours and animations (pulsate, spin etc.) 

✔ Monitor real-time reports for insight into table and player data (reconciliation reports etc.)

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