Dice Shakers

Dice Shakers

Dice Shaker

The automated Dice Shaker is fully integrated as part of the Sicbo game electronics, giving integrity to the game sequence whilst protecting against the possibility of a non-shake or double shake of the dice. Available with a choice of Dealer interface systems and an optional Automatic Dice Recognition System (ADR). Our Automated Dice Shaker is widely used in jurisdictions all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Europe, United Kingdom, North America and South America.

Dice Shaker 2

Dice Shaker 2 is similar to the original, but differs in shake-style. It also includes new LED lights and fully integrates with the Gaming Floor Live platform. The shaking for Dice Shaker 2 is driven by a speaker, as opposed to a solenoid like the original automatic Dice Shaker. This results in a smoother rolling of the Dice instead of the pump-style shake. This also allows operators to control the duration and intensity of the shake. In addition, Dice Shaker 2 comes equip with LED lights around its rim to indicate various game states during play. If there is no game activity, the shaker will display an attract sequence to entice players to the table.

Dice Shaker Operation

The TCSJOHNHUXLEY Dice Shaker is fully enclosed by a glass dome and covered by a removable lid, the dice are shaken in quick succession to randomise the outcome. For increased security, the game is aborted if the cover has been lifted during the shake or at any other inappropriate stage of the game.

With a multi-game mode to allow even greater flexibility, the dealer can choose to shake the dice before the betting period is started and the lid remains on. Alternatively, bets are placed with the lid off and after 'no more bets' the dice are shaken in full view of all the players. 

Available in gold or chrome and 240 or 110 volt versions. The dice shaker range includes an 'ADR-ready' version, where the dome and base collar are modified to include the Automatic Dice Recognition hardware.

Automatic Dice Recognition Controller

ADR is a technology that allows the automatic recognition of the dice in a shaker. The system consists of a controller, a camera and lighting assembly that is fitted into a dice shaker cover. There is also a collar that fits over the existing base of the glass dome.

The system is designed to be driven from a Sicbo server PC or an online gaming application. On command, the ADR unit will process the dice image from the camera inside the cover and returns the result of the dice in the dome. There is a game status LED indicator built into the handle of the cover to alert when the dice have been verified.