Craps Tables

Craps Tables

Craps is one of the most popular games in America and its appeal has spread throughout the world.

Craps is a game of thrills and excitement and is one of the fastest action table games. Our craps tables are hand crafted and precision built using the finest quality materials. 

TCSJOHNHUXLEY gaming tables are recognised around the World as a product of unquestionable quality, delivering outstanding performance year after year.

Craps Table Key Features

  • Legs - “H”-style, “X”-style, barrel base style, or bespoke designs
  • Adjustable feet or fixed-floor bracketing
  • Premium wool or KRE8 synthetic cloth layouts
  • Underlay - choice of foam or wool
  • Armrest - leather or vinyl, choice of colour
  • Wide choice of drink rails, holders and ashtrays
  • Foot-rail - brass or chrome, small section or chunky
  • Smoke Fence for improved dealer comfort
  • Integrated electronics, security and display systems


We are jusifiably proud of our reputation for craftsmanship and world class manufacturing. TCSJOHNHUXLEY have a long history in manufacturing, installing, refurbishing and retrofitting live table gaming furniture. From classic ‘H’ style leg tables in rich woods to air cooled table bases with bespoke inners designed to house the latest electronics, TCSJOHNHUXLEY tables deliver unquestionable performance.

A Truly Bespoke Service

The demand for creativity has never been greater and we have responded by developing a range of tables which will brand and individualise your casino. Whether your preference is for traditional or theme styling, our craftsmen will fulfil the brief. Table designs are customised to each property incorporate the latest colours, finishes and materials available to compliment any contemporary or themed surroundings.

Integrated Electronics

Almost as important as the playing surface, the electronic components within the table are unparalleled and essential. This includes the Dealer consoles, utility & security features and mounted PC & controller units that are incorporated. With unrivalled experience of fusing technical innovations with traditional gaming products, TCSJOHNHUXLEY gives distinct advantages to its customers.

As technology extends its reach into every corner of the gaming floor operators are looking for higher standards of integration on their tables. The flexibility to embed all manner of advanced electronic equipment and devices in gaming tables has fast become a primary product selection criteria – only TCSJOHNHUXLEY can make this a reality.