COPAG Playing Cards

COPAG Playing Cards

The World’s finest playing cards whether it is paper or 100% plastic,TCSJOHNHUXLEY offers a comprehensive range of playing cards, including customised design options with integrated security features.
A Card Specification for Every Casino

COPAG playing cards are available in two types of material: plastic coated paper or 100% plastic material. Both materials can be supplied in a variety of weights and finishes, according to customer specifications.

European finish - An exclusive finish developed by COPAG offers extra protection and increased life

Back Design

TCSJOHNHUXLEY can develop a customised design for the back of the cards using your casino’s logo. The design can contain up to eight colours, with an optional white frame. Our Graphic Department can develop a unique design for your specific requirements.

Card Faces

The types of suit symbols to be used on the face cards may be chosen from 9 different standard models. 

Sizes to Suit all Needs

COPAG cards are available in two standard card sizes: 57mm x 89mm or 63mm x 88mm (used in poker and blackjack games). The size of your cards can also be customised to meet your needs, ranging from 65 mm x 43 mm through 80 mm x 128 mm.


In order to ensure additional security, all cellophane wrapped decks are packed in a 6 unit box sealed with a personalized tamper proof label. Each 6 unit box has a unique reference number to allow casinos to have total control of their inventory. This outer packaging is wrapped with a clear film acting as additional protection to the product.
Technology and Quality

We strive to offer cutting edge technology in playing card production and are always ahead of customer needs through the constant development of new products and technologies. COPAG manufacturing is accredited to ISO 9002, delivering unquestionable quality batch after batch.

Security Options

  • Invisible UV customer logo: this involves the invisible print of the customer logo on the playing cards that can only be seen with UV light on the cards.
  • Cardboard material: a type of cardboard used in card production with the same technology as used in currency (watermark).
  • A safety seal with a hologram that cannot be counterfeited or violated, that is applied to the packaging and may be numbered individually.