Blaze Gaming Tables

Blaze Gaming Tables

Light Up Your Table Games

Blaze LED surface technology is a sophisticated illumination system that adds excitement and entertainment for customers and increases security on the casino floor. With energy efficient LED lights fitted below the surface of the gaming table, operators can display unique attraction sequences and themed animations, while also highlighting winning numbers.

Increase Game Security

Using an under-layout illuminated gaming surface, players and gaming staff will instantly benefit from seeing winning numbers clearly highlighted. In addition, with the improved visibility of winning sections, pit bosses and security staff can also easily monitor game procedures from a distance.

Blaze Key Features & Benefits

  • Assists with Dealer accuracy
  • Highlights winning bets for security and to assist players
  • LCD touchscreen Dealer console
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low maintenance, long-life LEDs
  • Compatible with e-FX™ displays
  • Easy to operate; little training required
  • Excited and entertains new players

Integrates with e-FX™ Displays

Blaze tables can feed information directly to TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s e-FX™ displays to highlight winning numbers. 

Available in single or double-sided configurations, e-FX™ displays come in different LCD screen sizes and feature HD resolution. These bright, high impact LCD displays will command your customer's attention and present a high tech image for your business.

Blaze Games Available

  • Sicbo Blaze
  • Money Wheel Blaze
  • Roulette Blaze