Dice Shakers

Dice Shaker

The automated Dice Shaker is fully integrated as part of the Sicbo game electronics, giving integrity to the game sequence whilst protecting against the possibility of a non-shake or double shake of the dice. Available with a choice of Dealer interface...

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i-depsys: The Intelligent Drop Box

The Intelligent Drop Box can be integrated into any gaming table. It is discrete, functional, robust, compact, and it sits conveniently where it is speedily operated by the Croupier. Its displays are smart and clearly visible to both the customer and the Croupier. The first major delay in...

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Wool Layouts

TCSJOHNHUXLEY's wool table layouts are made from heavyweight, 35oz, 100% Melton finished wool (76" 193cm width). These layouts -which are preferred for the Craps game - are strengthened with high performance fibres, producing a luxury alternative to our KRE8 digital synthetic layouts. We...

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KRE8 Layouts

KRE8® table layouts are manufactured on a heavyweight polyester that allows for customisation. They enable casinos to create fully themed, photographic-quality tables that are more cost effective than traditional wool layouts.

All table games can utilise KRE8® table layouts without any...

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GFL Media

How GFL Media Helps

Media displays are vital pieces of equipment for the gaming floor; they serve as one of the best ways to communicate game stats, events and promotions to players. Currently, casinos have to use various different systems to control and update their...

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Blackjack Tables

Blackjack is the world’s most widely played casino game and by virtBlackjack is the world’s most widely played casino game and by virtue of this fact, it often sees a lot of traffic on the casino floor. Although the universally accepted table is semi-circular in shape with a padded armrest, our...

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Craps Tables

Craps is one of the most popular games in America and its appeal has spread throughout the world.

Craps is a game of thrills and excitement and is one of the fastest action table games. Our craps tables are hand crafted and precision built using the finest quality materials. ...

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Money Wheel

LED Money Wheel (Big 6)

Manufactured with quality in mind, our LED Money Wheel makes an outstanding feature on any gaming floor. Precision engineered and incorporating the latest illumination technology, the LED Money Wheel provides eye-catching 'attract modes' with...

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Poker Tables

TCSJOHNHUXLEY Poker tables are used extensively around the world. Whether your preference is for traditional or theme styling, our tables are the perfect choice for any card room or exclusive high limit / VIP gaming area. 

TCSJOHNHUXLEY gaming tables are recognised around the World...

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Punto Banco and Baccarat Tables

The high stakes game of Punto Banco has dramatically increased in popularity over the years. To meet the demand, tables of various sizes and styles are now produced to accomodate your space requirements. TCSJOHNHUXLEY gaming tables are recognised around the world as a product of...

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