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softnetSPORT | Sport stats in the blink of an eye

softnetSPORT is a group of people for whom sport is more than just a passion, it's a way of life. Combining years of experience with the latest technology, we will meet the needs of even the most demanding clients, both corporate and individual. 

Our company employs over 60 people across Europe and Asia with our main offices located in Poland. softnetSPORT's team includes: developers, front-end developers, usability specialists and sporting event reporters. Some of our experienced team-members have over 10 years in the business while others are top of the their respective fields. Thanks to this our solutions are high quality, unique and very functional. 

We use several optimally configured servers to ensure our data is fully secure and available to our customers 24 hours a day. Thanks to optimal configuration, application of load balancing, backups and replication our systems are considered to be among the most advanced on the market for sport and betting applications. 

The data we offer can be provided in various forms including: FTP Pull and Push, Pull HTTP, Webservice. We offer extensive technical documentation, full support and the ability to adapt our product to the needs of each client.