Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile is an international company based in Helsinki, Finland, and we specialize in mobile payment solutions. Since 2011, we have been revolutionizing how merchants and customers interact with each other in the payment collection arena. Our portfolio of Mobile Payment solutions leverage the power of cellular technology to enable businesses to reach out and market to previously untapped demographics. 

Our solutions implement an operator-based billing structure to provide unique payment solutions for merchants. The Siru Mobile payment solution allows customers to pay for products & services via a mobile phone — no credit card, Internet connection, POS terminals or bank accounts are required. Using mobile payments the user can easily and safely pay for products or services straight from their phone, or with any other device with a SIM-card. The user is being identified using the phone number and for this reason there is no need for registration. The payment itself is done with only a few clicks and the purchase is charged to the phone bill. Siru Mobile offers a turnkey-solution for enabling mobile payments, including all connections to the phone operators and additional services which makes the process secure and efficient. The Siru Mobile platform is both automated and flexible — detailed reports are delivered to you automatically and our system can be easily integrated with your cash register system. Merchants using Siru Mobile have access to a user-friendly Merchant Panel which conveys the details of all mobile payment transactions.