Live Betting

Live Betting

The SBTECH live betting platform gives your offering a unique competitive edge in the booming live betting market by letting you make use of the following:

  • 2000+ bet markets on more than 60 types of sports
  • 25,000+ monthly live events
  • A wide variety of special in-running bets

Much has been made recently of the importance of live betting to the online gaming industry, with major bookmakers reporting that 50% of their turnover is now derived from the live market. It's a key area where SBTech is surging ahead of the competition, enabling operators to keep pace with the dynamics of the market.

Live betting currently amounts to more than 60% of our operators' turnover and this figure is expected to grow even further. Today's punters want to feel the action and see their bets settled in real time, while they're watching on TV or even better while they're at the stadium using their smart phone. With the mobile evolution and development of smart phones enabling punters to play anywhere, live betting will become even more popular and will be a major growth engine in the future.

The fact that SBTech covers all the major sports, leagues and events, and supplies a fully managed solution including risk management and trading means SBTech is almost uniquely positioned to help operators grow into this dynamic market while assisting them to reduce their operational costs dramatically.

SBTech's operators generate hundreds of bets per second on major live betting events, but it's not just the number of live betting events that helps them gain much bigger turnover, it is also the number of markets available on each event. By using unique tools and algorithms, SBTech's experienced traders calculate more than 30 bet types during each live event. Our sophisticated systems combined with great expertise generate phenomenal margin compared to the industry average.

However, high turnover can also generate high liabilities, which is why SBTech has developed real-time risk calculation tools. The system gives live betting traders the ability to react quickly and efficiently to any development within events, monitor market movements and trends and analyze liabilities throughout all markets offered.