R. Franco Group (Recreativos Franco)

A Transformation towards digital technology

R. Franco Group, the Spanish leading manufacturer of AWP, casino, slot and bingo games with more than five decades of experience, internationally established in markets as diverse as Norway, the United Kingdom, Mexico or Argentina to name but a few.

The R. Franco Group's philosophy and working methods are inspired in searching for and developing products which meet all customers' needs and requirements within a mutual and on-going co-operation framework, always including the most advanced technological developments and applications in each and all of its wide range of games to be extended and available online within the next few months.

Based on creativity, talent and technology the R. Franco Group showcases its extensive portfolio of new games with the high performance level and quality guarantee they have always had, supported by a huge corporate project which remains faithful to its principles and retains all its commitment and closeness to its clients. This large portfolio includes its new generation of games for Casino, unique products based on physical random devices: Tombola Roulette, Sic Bo, Bingo Bombo, amongst others extended this Year to a 360º revolutionary fully complete and versatile range of solutions for Arcades, Cruises, etc plus its brand new online gaming business.

All in all the R. Franco Group completes the full circle with the widest universe of new state-of-the-art products with new facilities to host R. Franco's know-how aimed to provide its clients with the most comprehensive worthwhile range of products and services.