Pocket Games Soft

About PGS

Pocket Games Soft is a world class mobile games studio, bringing together developers, mathematicians, artists and experienced industry figures with one aim…to take imagination into reality. The team presents their ideas with the belief of improving the user experience for slots players anytime and anywhere.  

Premium 3D Art

With offices in Malta established in 2016, Pocket Games Soft is dedicated to optimising 3D art contents for the international slots game industry. We recognise the rising complexity of games and the fast-growing expectations of the target audience and so we seek to produce new levels of break-through graphic design for our games.

Transcending the boundaries of the virtual world by weaving innovative 3D gameplay and AAA calibre artwork, our incredible team of 3D artists play the predominant role that makes our games such a huge success. Working on original animation and 100% hand-painted scenarios, we refine every single character to such a level, that the players will be able to see our games brought to life like never before.

Bringing the Thrill of Our Games Right to Your Fingertips

Our brand is named Pocket Games Soft….why? Because you can carry our games with you anytime and anywhere. Easy integration is built into our DNA and we strive to provide the best playing experience on your mobile devices.

We specifically focus on building native apps for smartphones, while our mobile games take advantage of the latest technology and interact with iOS/Android giving the best possible performance on all devices.

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