Social gaming

Social gaming

Playtech believes that the business potential of gaming through social media is huge. Millions of people log in to their accounts to communicate and seek entertainment. Playtech’s social poker, casino, and bingo all feature unique design, customisation features, different game modes and, of course, the ability to connect with friends and meet new people while enjoying the game.

Borderless Social Gaming

For operators, Playtech’s social gaming products open access to a new circle of players who will communicate their gaming experience to an even wider network via social channels.

Playtech’s social products are fully customisable in terms of look and feel and the ability to accommodate a variety of marketing features. They are available in up to seven languages. In the modern world it means much more than accessibility for players from different countries. Multilingual support multiplied by online and mobile accessibility of social products makes them gateways to new jurisdictions that are becoming regulated to allow online gaming. On a broader perspective, Playtech’s offering can be used in both existing and new markets to enter and compete in this exciting global space.

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