Lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world, and in some countries online lottery is more popular than online casino games. While easy to play, lotteries are extremely thrilling, and promise operators good profit. Online lottery operators strive to make these games even more fun utilising all of Playtech’s solutions.

Online Lottery Solutions

Our lottery offering encompasses a complete suite of solutions and tools for lottery operators looking to expand their national and international reach through proven multichannel technologies. Playtech has over 13 years of experience in online gaming software development and can offer unique alternatives to traditional lottery distribution models. Playtech’s thin technology also reduces the level of infrastructure traditionally needed to deploy lottery systems.

Playtech has deep expertise in integrating with third parties and government systems and can enhance an operator’s ability to generate returns on its online lottery system, providing it with greatly expanded reach through new technologies, games and channels. Playtech’s complete lottery offering includes traditional paper-based draw lottery games as well as innovative instant lottery games and is instantly accessible across all platforms.

Honorable Membership

In 2009, Playtech became an Associate Member of the World Lottery Association. WLA is a global authority in the lottery business which draws members from over 70 countries. To become a member of this organisation, a company must prove its adherence to the strictest industry standards.

In 2013, Playtech was delighted to became an Associate Member of CIBELAE, an international, non-governmental organization joining the Ibero – American part of the lottery world. Just like the World Lottery Association and European State Lotteries and Toto Association, CIBELAE membership is conferred only on those organisations that can demonstrate the highest standards of corporate responsibility and respect for regulatory requirements of its member states.

Playtech is proud of these opportunities to take a role in the development of best practices for lotteries in regulated markets on a global basis and is constantly working to improve its our own products.