Complete Management Solution for Online Gaming

Our IMS (Information Management Solution) is the power behind our entire product portfolio, providing the set of tools needed to successfully run and manage every aspect of your business. As a system built by business people for business people, each and every tool is designed to help you define and execute an optimised business plan.

This complete and fully-integrated suite of services intuitively guides the management of your player base, enabling you to optimise marketing spends, maximise cross-selling and conversion potential, and leverage player loyalty and value. The IMS is an open platform that allows operators to plug in any third party gaming products, tools and systems, resulting in a completely unified and centralised operation benefitting from the system’s vast capabilities across all business activities.

Central to our IMS is our cross-platform capability which provides players with a single login for all games and platforms. This means your players can enjoy all their favourite games anytime, anywhere and transition freely across games.

Player Lifecycle Management

The IMS monitors the entire lifecycle of the player, from acquisition and first deposit, through ongoing retention for maximum lifetime value, to conversion onto other channels, opening new revenue streams. As both a reactive and proactive system that processes data in real-time, the IMS enables operators to read a player’s activity as it happens and target that player accordingly. Using real-time analytics, operators immediately assess events in the lifecycle, reacting with automatic and manual marketing tools that encourage the optimal response from players in order to maximise their value.

Total Customisation

Control and customise the entire gaming experience for players using the IMS. With every aspect of players’ gaming activity stored within the IMS indefinitely, from game play and financial transactions to correspondence and chat history, you can analyse, segment and personalise your offering with a tailored look and feel.

Regulatory Framework

The IMS is built with regulatory compliance in mind, with a framework that can be easily adapted to meet any regulator’s requirements. It provides the tools with which operators and regulators manage and audit an operation in real time. A well-defined suite of responsible gaming tools answer regulatory demands and ensure players can control their own gaming environment.

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