PIMS-SCA Limited

PIMS-SCA Limited

PIMS-SCA provides jackpot insurance and insured prize promotions to the gaming industry.  We enable traditional and online gaming operators, to run games, contests, promotions, or events with big eye catching prizes such as £1 million, £10 million or more!

Using Jackpot Prize Insurance allows you to embrace creativity and big ideas for maximum impact, driving players to your brand, and giving them the chance to win big, life changing prizes.  PIMS-SCA manages the financial risk of a winner, minimising your costs and exposure. Then when your game or promotion produces jackpot winners, your costs remais fixed and payout is guaranteed by PIMS-SCA and our insurance partners.

Our gaming solutions can cover virtually any probability-based pay-to-play or free-to-play game.


PIMS-SCA is a registered Lloyd’s Broker and work with A-rated insurance companies, giving the best available financial protection for your needs.

Can you afford to take the hit or are you covered?