Access one of the strongest poker products in the market. Your players can enjoy poker on the device of their choice, while you benefit from powerful backend tools to manage your business.

With NYX Poker, you will be getting access to one of the strongest poker products in the market. We have been operating real money poker since 2001 and poker networks since 2004. Players can enjoy poker on the device of their choice and operators have access to powerful backend tools to manage their business.

The poker clients include seamless access to the NYX OGS casino offering, real time poker rewards and fast fold poker. As a customer, you will also get access to our live events tour The Grand Live, experienced operational support as well as expert knowledge in how to turn your poker business into a success case.

Mobile Poker

Hold ’em in your hand

Let your players access cash games across the network on the first-ever real money poker app for smartphones. Mobile poker lets you build brand loyalty and engagement, helping you further increase retention, conversions and product revenues.

  • NL/PL/FL Texas Hold’em cash games and Sit & Go’s
  • Full network liquidity
  • Custom design
  • App Store and Android distribution

Real time Rewards

Incentivise casual players

Instant Rewards enables easy set-up of incentives for casual players and payout in real-time based on his/her actions at the poker table.

  • Increase loyalty by creating incentives.
  • Increase profits by generating more game play.
  • Turn-key ready with no start-up costs.
  • Player messaging in client with mobile support.
  • Real-time payout of cash or tickets.

Casino in Poker

Small Games. Big Impact

Gain access to hundreds of top performing casino games via NYX’s Casino in Poker product. Via Casino in Poker, NYX delivers OGS, The Open Gaming System, arguably the fastest growing casino games product in the market today.

  • 20% increased revenue potential
  • Big library of casino games from NYX Gaming Group and our partners
  • One-button game-play design
  • Easy web based back-end system

Fast fold Poker

More action. More money

Strobe Poker is a unique improvement of the immensely popular fast-fold poker. Players move on to a new table with a new hand immediately after folding the hand at the previous table. It is faster, more fun and generates more revenue than any other poker game.

  • First fast-fold poker available on mobile from any B2B provider.
  • Attract new players with the most popular poker innovation ever.
  • Increase poker revenues by increasing game speed.

Leaders in Poker Ecology

Get rewarded for the players you bring to the table

Essence is NYX Poker’s real-time player valuation model that rewards partners in accordance to the value they bring to the network. Operators with a lot of net-depositing casual players are rewarded more and drain between partners is limited.

  • Increase number of recreational players
  • Increase poker profits for recreational operators
  • No drain between operators
  • Mass marketing partners are rewarded

GRAND Live Tour

Get a premium poker experience on the GRAND Live tour

  • Around the clock activities
  • Luxury accomodation
  • Lots of side events

So jump on the poker bandwagon. Destination: hope and glory.

From your home laptop to a neon lit casino in just a couple of strong hands. You can join in on any level: start qualifying from as little as $2+0,2, or buy-in to the online finals for $300+20.

Table action

Keeping you in the know

During each event, on every hand on every table, our live bloggers will be there reporting live on our poker blog. Some will take their Pocket Rockets to the moon, some crash and burn on the turn, but they can never escape our bloggers.