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Nexusguard is leading the fight against malicious Internet attacks, protecting our customers from threats to their sites, their services, and most importantly, their reputations. As the global leader in DDoS defense, we've provided security against these threats for years. Continually evolving to face new threats as they come, we've got the tools, the instinct, and the know-how to cover our clients' backs no matter what gets thrown their way. Internet attacks disable the Internet and disrupt online businesses and their customers. It is our mission to stop these threats and enable the world to use the Internet the way it's meant to be. Nexusguard protects businesses of all sizes with premium Internet security solutions, empowering them to worry less about downtime, and focus more on their customers. Our dedicated service staff works relentlessly to ensure all customer needs are met. Every day, security experts and researchers work to build up Nexusguard's attack signature repository - which is critical for formulating better and faster mitigation strategies and security solutions.