Horizon is an integrated solution that provides top quality content for all game verticals through efficient content management, delivery and playout. Can support large scale deployments with real-time delivery and optimal bandwidth utilization.

Horizon can display all lottery, betting and gaming (VLT system) content, as well as digital signage for advertising and marketing campaigns. Although mainly a B2B solution, it is designed to communicate with the end-consumer and therefore is a valuable tool for B2C operators, also.

Horizon comprises of:

  • A central system through which content management and delivery is performed
  • In-store networked playout clients through which content is displayed on TV screens and monitors
  • Contentthemes specifically designed to address each market need

The product offering can be expanded not only in lottery shops but overall in retail channel. Being able to display digital signage advertising content such as local promotions and commercial campaigns can increase brand awareness, attract new consumers and offer additional entertainment.

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