Gaming Licensing System (GLS)

Gaming Licensing System (GLS)

Gaming Regulators are often challenged with complex tasks to approve, issue, manage and control thousands of gaming licenses, as well as to effectively investigate, audit and ensure compliance with gaming regulations.

INTRALOT’s Gaming Licensing System (GLS) is a sophisticated workflow based solution for end-to-end execution and management of all gaming Licensing and Compliance activities, in an integrated manner. It is an invaluable tool for the Regulators, as it fully supports and often automates their business processes and increases their capability for gaming regulatory activities.

It features sophisticated gaming stakeholder management, user-friendly on-line access and e-Licensing for all stakeholders and gaming assets, as well as complete Compliance auditing and investigations functions.

It offers a wealth of additional optional capabilities, including a document management system, electronic payment systems integration capability for the automated handling of gaming license fees, user-friendly correspondence management, and more.

It can realize measurable business success criteria, such as moving from paper-based to online licensing, decreasing time spent on processing and approving license applications, decreasing the cost of licensing transactions, increasing percentage of gaming sector stakeholders satisfied with the regulation of gaming, and increasing the accuracy of tracking where gaming money is applied.

It is designed and developed for large scale, intensive licensing work load. It is built from the ground up on state-of-the-art software technologies and a Service Oriented Architecture, thus offering a future-proof investment.

The GLS system is a functionally standalone offering, but can also seamlessly integrate and ideally complement INTRALOT’s VLT monitoring solution (iGEM), and enable the Gaming Regulators to addresses their gaming regulatory requirements in an end-to-end manner.

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