GTI Gaming SRL

GTI is a new world leadingCasino Currency/RFID Casino Currency manufacturer, RFID casino currency inventory, security and management products and systemsdeveloper, for licensed casinos and gaming industry. GTIis a company established to manufacture high quality casino currency integrating RFID technology as a standard chips feature and is part of a high-tech companies group specialized since 2003 in software development and in RFID technologies research development and with other partners specialized in microchip production. GTI combines its high tech new manufacturing processes for high quality casino currency and its brand new RFID technology (third generation), which assures top levelquality, thereadability and a wide range of functionalityat avery competitive price, similar to the traditional non-RFID gaming chips. GTI Systems allows you to consolidate in a single screen all the information from one single casino up to a casinos group. The technologies applied to allow the complete gaming chips inventory, management and security automation of the casinos. GTI researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of products, solutions and systems, ranging from microchips, infrastructure for gaming table and cage, software management, ensuring accurate count of the casino currency and streamlined operations with greater safety. GTI inherits from Hi-tech sister company all the experience, expertise, knowledge and technological research results applied to the gaming world, and from which it draws constantly research capacity and innovation, and serves with passion, to the fascinating world of casino gambling a bouquet of innovative and cutting edge products and services. Casinos operators are certainly aware of the enormous advantages and benefits of using RFID technology integrated into casino currency: casinos can now enjoy and have on fingertips, real time, transactions tracking, inventoryof every cage and every single gaming table chip tray of your floor, with maximum level of security available today. GTIdirectly manufactures and develops:

1. A wide range of GTI (RFID) Casino Currency: American style gaming chips and plaques Casino grade poker chips Single color/hot stamped chips Roulette wheels checks We are right now also developing European style gaming jetons and plaques. GTI (RFID) casino currency can be used as traditional gaming chips or it can fully interacts with GTI system formed by RFID products and software for RFID casino currency inventory, management and security.

2. GTI RFID Casino Currency Inventory, Management and Security System: GTI RFID Products: RFID Cage Chip Reader RFID Card Table Chip Tray Reader RFID Roulette Chip Tray Float Reader RFID Portable Chip Reader RFID Security Gate Chip Reader

3. GTI Casino CIMS 1.0 Software Gaming Chips Inventory, Management and Security

4. GTI SmartPoker: RFID Integrated Poker Tables Management System: (Texas Hold'em) Cash Game and Progressive Jackpot Tournament

5. GTI SmartCasino: Casino's (Employees-Staff / Players) Access Control and Tracking System; Casino's asset management system.