Unique dealing and collecting card rail

Ensures 100% real table approximation

Fully Mechatronic Dealer and Shuffler

Eliminates human factor and manipulations by casino personal or players.
Game time is fully comparable to live table.

Limitles connection of Stand-alone Satellite Terminals

You can design your gaming floor by unlimitless number of playing terminals.

Easy exchangable from Baccarat to Black Jack

Cabinet is designed in the way that alowes easy and fast exchange from ane game to another.

Graphic interface

Simple and rapid comprehension of the game and its functionalities. Side bets are available on Baccarat game.

Simple use and servicing

All machines are designed to enable simple use and servicing.

State of the art materials

Only the best materials ensure a long lifespan and high quality look.
All materials and suppliers are ISO 9000 certified.