Adaptive Illumination Technology

Brings more excitement and attracts more players to the game.
Customise your gaming portfolio with AIT and enjoy the view.

Graphic Interface

Simple and rapid comprehension of the game and its functionalities.

Jack Pot systems

Exclusive Roulette Drawn Number Mystery Progressive Jackpot will bring more excitement to the game.
Multi Level WAP or LAP Progressive Jackpot are available for Electronic and Video Roulette.


Roulette Wheel Statistics
Dynamic Statistics of the game are available on graphic interface where all relevant information to the player are displayed.

Simple use and servicing

All machines are designed to enable simple use and servicing.

3E design

Ergonomy, Efficiency and Effectiveness were placed at forefront when designing latest generation of Lumina Roulette Machines.
Check recommended seat height to ensure congruous gameplay.

State of the art materials

Only the best materials ensure a long lifespan and high quality look.
All materials and suppliers are ISO 9000 certified.