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GamingMalta is an independent non-profit foundation set up by the Government of Malta and the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA). Tasked with the remit of promoting Malta as a Centre of excellence in the remote gaming sector globally, it is also responsible for liaising with the local relevant authorities to improve Malta’s attractiveness as a jurisdiction and enhance the ecosystem surrounding the gaming industry.

GamingMalta is committed to:

Promoting ownership of the Malta brand among all stakeholders to strengthen Malta’s position with the gaming industry;

Engaging with stakeholders and providing business support to ensure that Malta is the most attractive environment for the gaming industry to thrive;

Standing out through innovative ideas and leading the iGaming industry through research and promotion of the Maltese jurisdiction so as and to be a proactive, dynamic catalyst for change;

Accelerating growth in the gaming sector by creating a dynamic marketing mechanism anticipating market changes;

Bringing stakeholders together – ensuring close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders while creating business and networking opportunities for firms working in the sector;

Establishing the necessary expertise and foresight to future proof the gaming sector in Malta;

Supporting the MGA in implementing the brand strategy and road map development for the gaming industry;

Collaborating with other Maltese sectoral promotion bodies to promote the overall image of Malta.

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