Frosmo was founded in 2008 in Helsinki, Finland where it is currently based. The company specializes in providing eCommerce Growth Management software and in-house professional service. Within the gaming industry Frosmo gives your operative team a fast and easy-to-use tool for iterative testing. It includes a user interface that allows senior management to easily see if their company strategy is being achieved online. This gives you an opportunity to learn what works best in conversion optimization for sales growth. Frosmo has built a complete service to perform conversion optimization. Ranging from basic segmentation to personalized content to the most complex targeting combinations required and supported by many customizable options. Frosmo's tool enables your eCommerce optimization testing to be faster and more powerful. All these features are available from a web UI and integration is based on a simple Javascript tag. Frosmo is used by retail, travel, online services, banking and gaming industries. It works securely with any kind of sites (as well as mobile) without load issues, including complex and dynamic Ajax service.