EiG (Excellence in iGaming)

EiG (Excellence in iGaming)

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A combination of mergers and new regulations mean that the landscape for affiliates in the gaming and gambling industry are continually changing...Read more

At last week’s Excellence in Gaming (EIG) conference in Berlin, this was one of the topics of debate, with panelists evaluating the best way for...Read more

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New gambling laws in Belgium which will effectively outlaw the affiliate model in the gambling sector are likely to be implemented within a year,...Read more


Clarion Gaming has announced the launch of iGB Live! a new consolidated event which will feature leading brands, iGaming Super Show, EiG, and the...Read more

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Russia is going through regulatory changes that could increase the appeal for what is a relatively untapped sports betting market.Read more

As a betting product the rise of esports has been significant, it has ushered in a new category of punter that betting operators need to focus on...Read more

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Bill South, Group Director of Security and Community Affairs at William Hill, will be using his presence at EiG to debate gaming prohibition...Read more

Launchpad announce shortlist

Start-up businesses seeking a combination of investment and inspiration will be out in force at the forthcoming EiG (The Arena Berlin, 30 October...Read more

Breaking down all the weeks news into a set of easy to manage figuresRead more

Sky Bet’s decision to abruptly cancel its affiliate hub ushered in a period of uncertainty for the relationship between affiliates and operators...Read more