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EPG is a powerful one stop solution as a payment management suite that focuses on data enrichment, fraud prevention and successful conversion rates as well as an online payment gateway with over 100 different payment solutions, credit card processing with a fully customizable checkout and cashier. EPG is a software platform which works with any other platform as long as they have an API we can connect to. This gives you great advantages when it comes to using our workflow engine. You are able to route transactions and requests to various different solutions based on any number of rules in real time.

EPG is integrated into various real time address and ID verification services. This means that you can create workflows that allow you to route request to any of the available solutions based on rules such as:· If country of customer = UK then use Call Credit· If country of customer = Germany then use Sofort· If country of customer = Spain then use Call Credit· Etc

EPG offers very competitive rates and guarantees the lowest possible processing fees for any solution required. Its a gateway at heart, so routing requests/transactions and making this easy for merchants is our business. Merchants tell me what they need and we'll make it happen and ill get them the best price around. Its also important to note that Ultimately if the merchant at some point decides not to use EPG they still get to keep the accounts we get for them and at the price we get, so it's a win win situation for them really. By this i mean that the merchant owns the account with each of the payment providers and services that we hook them up with. Remember also, that with EPG, apart from data enrichment, fraud prevention, reporting etc you will also be able to do secondary management operations such as refunds, delayed captures, manual deposits and withdraws (though our virtual terminal) and more.In terms of what we offer:Real Time DashboardReal Time Reporting, Real Time Transaction Monitoring, In depth Transaction detail, Real Time customer and transaction information cross referenceReal Time Payment account configuration, Real Time transaction workflows (unlimited workflows and combinations to guarantee conversions of declined transactions into successful ones)Ability to send EPG unlimited amount of custom parameters to be used as part of reporting or rule/decisionsUser Account managementVirtual Terminal (for deposits and withdrawals)Secondary Payment Management (to approve pending transactions, voiding, capturing, refunds, etc)Payment gateway with over 150 solutions world widemuch more!At EPG we can reduce your declines, we get what others leave!