Easter Island Studios ltd

Easter Island Studios ltd

Welcome to Easter Island Studios.

Home to game-changing games

There is a special magnetism at Easter Island Studios. It attracts people who are looking for something different. Break the rules. Think out of the box. And push the boat out into uncharted waters. This ‘island atmosphere’ inspires a special kind of rebellious nature in all who swim ashore. Here they discover a place of wondrous creative freedom. Where they are inspired to make game-changing games that have never been seen before.

Like nothing you’ve seen before.

To become an ‘islander’ you must expect the unexpected. That’s why all our games start with our unique ‘island twist’: a fully immersive 3D cinematic intro. Never seen before outside our ‘island’ (and high on creativity and immersive impact) this is set to revolutionise the online gaming industry.  Fresh from our island’s creative volcano, each of our graphically outstanding slot games represent the most player-immersive experiences available in the market.